Who Is The Most Sadistic Extreme Bondage Master? It’s A She! Find Out In This Extreme Bondage Set:

Posted By on April 24, 2010

Here’s where humiliation and degradation begins with a bang as this curly haired girl ends up a prisoner of the fiendish feminazi Mistress and her henchmen in an extreme bondage torture chamber of horrific proportions. Deep within the bunker the poor girl is found and she is filthy from her imprisonment.

Knowing their expertise in cruel and unusual punishment the girl cowers and trembles knowing her fate will be one of such humiliation and degradation that it is almost unimaginable in it’s scope. She clings to her feed bowl as the feminazi Domina and her henchmen arrive and they hoist her up and drag her to her punishment for females doom.

There they strip her naked and beat her almost senseless in true extreme bondage fashion. Their riding crops and whips and boot heels render the poor girl red and black and blue with bruises and welts. She struggles to remain on her feet but they engage in such cruel and unusual punishment that she’s unable to withstand the sheer fury and ferocity of their perverted evil doings.

She is ravaged by them and no hole on her slim beaten body is left without being abused and used. She wails and cries for mercy but none is given as they lash her and penetrate her openings in the most bizarre cunt torture and extreme bondage that one can imagine.

Do You Know What Extreme Bondage Is Really Like?

Posted By on April 17, 2010

It’s the fiendish extreme punishment of females torture rack for this innocent village lass. The vile inquisitor and his henchmen have captured this blonde girl and intend on administering the most horrid forms of cruel and unusual punishment you can ever imagine.

Tied down and helpless the young maiden begins to cry out in vain as the evil inquisitor begins his vile extreme bondage session in order to glean all of her most inner secrets. The rack is infamous in it’s ability to make any victim talk and soon the punishment for females begins as both her legs spread open and tied and hands tied the inquisitor has the rack tightened thus stretching her outlaid form for evil cunt torture as well as more precise, clit torture.

She squeals in pain and agony as they repeatedly begin their torture in an exhibition of extreme bondage that will make your skin crawl. Unsatisfied the evil captors employ thumb screws and other torturous devices on her helpless body. The cruel and unusual punishment is so grotesque that even the henchmen quiver in horror as the sinister inquisitor use the rack again and again during his fiendish punishment for females drama.

Watch Extreme Bondage Addicted Sadists Torture A Helpless Ebony Beauty

Posted By on April 10, 2010

It’s an ebony slave girl trapped in the clutches of the evil inquisitor and his vile extreme bdsm addicted henchmen. She is chained and suspended from the ceiling in strappado fashion and soon the terror of her captivity in pro corporal punishment of females begins.

They invoke the most sinister of tortures and employ the most heinous of sadistic cruelties to satisfy their carnal urges. Spread wide the poor victim is lashed and her secrets violated by the sinister inquisitor and his minions. She thrashes about trying to escape but there is no mercy as they continue this vile punishment for females.

Every hole is probed and prodded and her soft delicate skin is lashed by whips and ropes and chains until the welts raise up. Her writhing and cries of agony are what the cruel captors thrive upon and they continue their extreme bdsm assault on their innocent captive until she gives up all of her secrets.

That doesn’t satisfy extreme bondage sadists enough so they carry on and on for untold hours her cunt torture continues as the poor ebony girl is punished even to more depravity, a depravity unspeakable in it’s horror and vulgarity.

Enjoy Watching Neat Cunt Torture Scene Which Spreads Her Legs Beyond The Limits

Posted By on April 3, 2010

This plump cutie is getting the extreme bondage with nasty cunt torture in it’s full swing. She’s roped up like a prized goose at a butcher shop. This is cruel and unusual punishment in it’s hottest with very naughty clit torture just for you to check out. Watch as she’s suspended there in true extreme bondage with clit torture and the ropes just tighten around her delicious tits and tight ass.

She’s stretched to the limit and her legs spread open in depraved extreme bondage style and she’s got no way to get out of it. This cruel and unusual punishment is the finest in it’s fashion and this chick just doesn’t have any idea what she’s gotten herself into.

The ropes tighten and she gets scared and starts whining and crying for help but nobody is around to cut her some slack. Her legs are spread even further and the pressure is turning into some serious cunt torture which causes her juices to flow and leads to more extreme bondage pleasure of a Master, such as yourself.

The Most Evil Cunt Torture And Clit Torture You’ve Ever Seen!

Posted By on March 27, 2010

Prepare for the most cruel and inhuman exhibition of extreme bondage you will ever witness anywhere on the internet. You’ve just entered a web of wickedness that includes the most harsh cruel and unusual punishment imaginable, which includes pro corporal punishment as well as more evil things.

Here you see an innocent captive of the cruel and vicious feminazi Mistress and her cohorts who intend on using the most heinous punishment for females you will ever see. It is always very cool to see a female torture another female in extreme bondage. Sites like InquisitionWorld are so rare consider yourself lucky you’ve found this extreme bondage site!

In this scene you’ll see the poor innocent victim strapped down to a metal bed and her nipples clamped and tortured and her legs spread wide open for any type of clit torture and cunt torture they intend to apply in her extreme BDSM doom. The ferocity of their assault is such that the poor victim squirms and cries out in terror and agony at the extreme bondage and pro corporal punishment she is subjected to.

Watch as the evil feminazi Mistress and her henchmen employ a variety of sinister devices to this girl in their extreme bondage exhibition to gather as much information from her as possible. She’s not going to escape and there will be no mercy given as they continue in their extreme bondage drama and ferocious cruel and unusual punishment. If you can stomach the extreme cruelty of their session then go ahead and observe! Absolutely brilliant bondage there!

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